Horizon Machine

Stretching across the even, flat sands of Geroskipou Beach, the horizon draws a crisp edge between the sea and the sky. Watching the sublime serenity of the Mediterranean Sea, one experiences the beauty of the abstract landscape as if constructed inside a drawing. The Horizon Machine is composed of two prisms stacked and twisted, creating a journey that calibrates the relationship of visitors to the horizon. The structure consists of a winding triangular stair nestled within a light prismatic scaffold, reaching a height of 12 meters. As the visitor climbs, she encounters viewing platforms that bring her to a progression of key views, orienting her first towards the city, and culminating with a panoramic view of the ocean. This sequence is choreographed by the rotation of the plan by 60 degrees at the center of the tower. This shifting orientation differentiates and accommodates two program requirements. At first, the lifeguard is oriented towards the water at the tip of the tower’s triangular base. At the apex of the tower, the triangle angles its wide edge for the public to view of the horizon in a climax to their dynamic ascent.
+Competition +Henry Ng, Talitha Liu, Lexi Tsien