Community Arts Space

Reflecting on collectivity and coming to the table while brainstorming the adaptive reuse of a cellar for a community arts space.

Ideation for this project weaves together past and current lives of a multi-generational family owned building, touching on ideas about stewardship, collective memory, and belonging for future generations. 

Visualization collab with @Danielchang

Scatter / Depth Kit
Brooklyn, NY

+Published in Azure Magazine “The Office As We Know It No Longer Exists” + Lexi Tsien, Talitha Liu, Henry Ng

Knotel Prototypes

A phonebooth for a global coworking company desiring customizable private space for any office environment. 

Dance Studio
Brooklyn, New York

A renovation for bodycraft, a dance and fitness studio in Brooklyn. Lightweight screens separate the reception, group studio, and private studio. Polycarbonate twinwall sheets bring light through the space, but provide visual privacy from Atlantic Avenue. Partitions open 180° to create an open view corridor from the streetfront to the garden.    

+Talitha Liu, Lexi Tsien

General Contractor: Darby Construction Services

Chan Space, New York

A renovation for Chan Space, a Buddhist interfaith organization in New York. We proposed a progression of program from the ground floor of tea garden, meditation space, workspace, and sleep space - all derived from unitary objects of measure like the tatami mat and movable screens.
+Talitha Liu, Lexi Tsien, Tanvi Marina Rao