Mask Room
New York, NY

The Mask Room is the sister to Belnord Kommunalka, another bespoke renovation by Soft-Firm in the oldest apartment building in New York City.

The project updates a room historically used as maid’s quarters into a flexible family den and display space for an intergenerational collection of curios, handcrafted masks, and sculpture.

We imagined the space as two opposing masks in the original peach color of the room, unfolded to reveal an interior of deeper greens and ochre, in conversation with the adjacent kitchen.

One wall houses storage and a fold-out couch for a guest bed facing a media wall, which masks a secret bar and a compact guest bath in a checkered and striped tile. Embedding multiple functionalities allows a single room to become a a family hangout, guest room, and salon that bridges between art and the domestic everyday.

+drawn with Daniel Chang