Out Of Office
A-D-O, Brooklyn NY

Out of Office: Evolving the 9-5 at A/D/O by MINI (in collaboration with TORTUGA Living and Alex Gilbert) is a site specific and live interactive exhibition at A/D/O by MINI, the interdisciplinary creative space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The exhibition explores thematic connections between office concepts, objects, and technology live in an active collaboration space, prompting designers to expand their role in the creation of new, humanistic formats for work. The exhibit supported a series of events and workshops on the design, culture, and technology of work. Out of Office included contributions from Herman Miller, Nonfood, and Cher. Soft-Firm designed and coordinated fabrication of custom millwork, collaborated on graphic design by Studio TheGreenEyl, and commissioned original digital content by Channel Studio.
The installation included an exploration of the history of the office with objects tracked on the macro scale on a graphic and object timeline. Two speculative installations allowed visitors to explore an office defined by physical and virtual optimization and choice. Water Cooler Talk recalls the symbolic heart of the office is updated with a live feed from the communication platform Slack. In Wellness 2050, A/D/O’s conference room is immersed in the Windows XP desktop background, with eponymous start-up sound slowed to 24 hours, projecting health and wellness to the extreme.
It’s A Problem of Perception
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Soft-firm celebrates the adhoc use of public space by collaging iPhone videos from China and Chinatown, NY to expose formal and spatial synchronies. This video aired at CheLA, Buenos Aires as part of an exhibition titled It’s A Problem of Perception.