SOFT-FIRM         News 

08/19        Core 77 “Explore the Evolution of the Office (and Possibilities for the Future) at A/D/O's Latest Exhibition”

08/19        Metropolis (Online) “New Exhibition Contemplates the Past, Present, and Future of the Workplace”

07/19        Damn “Out of office at A/D/O: an exhibition about the development and future of the office environment”

07/19        Surface (Online) “Soft-Firm, Tortuga Living, and Alex Gilbert: Out of Office”

07/19 “Exhibition charts how the tools, innovations, and culture of office labor have shaped human output”

07/19        Out Of Office: Evolving the 9-5 Opens at A/D/O in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

06/19        LT researches Ghost Cities in China with GSAPP’s Center for Spatial Research: Mapping the Humanities 

05/19        End Of Year Show at Coumbia GSAPP! ADR1 and ADR2

05/19        Drawing exhibited at Compliant, Citygroup Gallery NYC

05/19        Final Undergraduate Studio Review at CCNY

05/19        Final Reviews for Advanced Studio at MIT

05/19        Final Reviews for Advanced Studio at Columbia GSAPP

05/19        It’s a Problem of Perception debuts at Chela, Buenos Aires

04/19        Soft-Firm presents The Future of Structure at Adidas Brooklyn Creator Farm

03/19        Midterms for Advanced Studio at Yale School of Architecture

02/19        Midreviews for Advanced Studio at Columbia GSAPP

02/19        Midreviews at Yale School of Architecture for Undergraduate Studio

12/19        We Can Fit is up at Citygroup Gallery NYC (in collaboration with Marcelo Lopez-Dinardi) 

12/19        Final Reviews for Advanced Studios at Yale School of Architecture

09/18        “Really Virtual” comes out in Plat Sharing 7.0 

09/18        Architectonics Studio at Cooper Union wins The Studio Prize 2018

08/18        “Choose-Your-Own-Kit” is published in Depot Magazine

07/18        LT leads three architectural workshops in Chengdu, Nanjing, Guangzhou with ACG International