Generation House
Brooklyn NY

An intergenerational coinvestment to foster a model for intergenerational living; for an elderly couple, designer / architect, and a family. Surgical and minimal interventions bring functionality to three dwellings while carefully respecting and restoring historical details. Taking cues from 2001 Space Odyssey, Donald Judd, and the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, various color blocks can be repositioned and reconfigured. Material contrasts between filagreed plaster and steel, reclaimed douglas fir and reconstituted foam, are meant to elevate each other.

Steelwork: 618 Design
General Contractor: Preservation Works
Landscape Consultant: Nishiel Patel Design 

Bussey Hollow
Andes NY

A flexible recreation room for an artistic couple in Andes New York. This table can be reconfigured for ping pong, dinner, and as a very long skinny table.  

Sterling Place,
Brooklyn, NY

Belnord Kommunalka
New York, NY

Belnord Kommunalka is inspired by the kommunalka kitchens of the Soviet-era that redefined bourgeois spaces as intensely functional and collective.

Existing archways and millwork are enhanced by custom lemon lime and citrine hues. 

+Lexi Tsien, Tanvi Marina Rao   


Honolulu ADU
Honolulu, HI

This Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) was concieved and constructed during the pandemic, a solution to host an increased number of long term stays from family and friends as remote work becomes a practice. The ADU is also an option for clients to age-in-place, while a new generation moves into the family home.

The bar typology of the building integrates a panoramic ociean view, giving a little breathing room to a 400sf footprint. Materials include sustainable cork flors and local monkeypod wood details

+Talitha Liu